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August 16, 2004
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Fat Furs and why we like them by FatAnthroClub Fat Furs and why we like them by FatAnthroClub
Why do we like fat furs? I varies. There is no one real reason. Some people like force feeding and some don't. Some people want to be the fat or chubby furs but no matter what they do, they can't put on the weight. To us, it is a preference. Fat Furs are sexy to us, like others prefer shapely and thin. So please do not say you need to make them thin to make them beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not like them then that is your opinion. We are not a majority of a fandom, we are just a small group who happen to like seeing fat anthropomorphic animals. We are not sick or psychotic or mentally impaired or anything. We all have out strange fetishes and stuff we don't make public in the real world. We mainly keep this to ourselves but if someone like someone who is chubby or very fat more power to them. If fat or chubby people wish to wear next to nothing and show themselves off great. It means they are comfortable with who they are, there is no shame in being overweight. All this focus on being super model slim is annoying. People work so hard to starve themselves silly just to loose a pound or two. Some people are born chubby or fat and some just happen to get that way. To quote a close friend of mine "Its like, unless your a size 5 or under, you aren't accepted. It sucks" We are who we are. I think that is enough of that. We love fat furs and people because we do.

Image used with permition and drawn by: To see the Full image go here: [link] It was shrunk to better fit on the main page here.
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i love fat furs
gir131 Apr 21, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
considering the world we live in, it's not a bad quirk of society...
thank you!!!! although when it comes to girls, i'd rather have one snuggle my belly but snuglging theirs is just as good.
Thanks so much for the confidence booster. I've got a girl in my school who has a bit of fat on her, and I keep trying to keep myself from staring at her and dodging chances to be discovered and thrown into the void (well, a deeper one than I'm already in, considering I have but 2 or 3 friends), and now, with this, I think I can walk in the daylight with my ideals.
EmeraldSeahorse Jul 7, 2007
Oh god this is so I would word it so differently now. I'm so redoing one so you can replace it cause it makes me cringe now since it's my art. X3;
Heh ok Eddie if you get a new one just get ahold of me. im not hard to miss =}
ReikuFox Jun 28, 2007   Filmographer
We like!
We don't need to say or enter in a fight, we only need to do a Belly Slam =3
canada-kawaii Dec 14, 2006   Traditional Artist
Well said. My brother criticizes me for my love of fat furs, but who cares? He is a LOTR freakomaniac! I criticize him, but he says it has a cult following, and fat furs don't. He's got it wrong. In fact, he's got it in reverse.
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